“Stadtorchester Peine“ starts new project beginning at November 2016!

This project offers young people from 12 to 27 years of age with different ethnical backgrounds the opportunity to learn a wind instrument and play together in a wind orchestra.


Music needs no language. It brings different cultures together by learning rhythmic and melodic basics and by playing together in a mixed group. For all members the project is free, also the instruments will be rentable for free. All people should be given the chance to be a part of this project no matter their financial and ethnical background.


If you are interested, please sign up at the “Stadtorchester Peine”!

For further information call 05171 – 297257 or write an email to office@msg-peine.de, your contact will be Mrs. Susanne Richers. You can also visit our office at “Woltorfer Strasse 77H, 31224 Peine“.